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About Us

Books bring us together

Victoria Publishing is a newly established Danish publishing house, founded on the vision to go international with more Danish literature - we believe that great stories deserve to be read by many.


At Victoria Publishing we want to publish Danish literature with global sales potential. Being a team of creative forces from the book industry and movie industry in both Denmark and the US, we dedicate ourselves to a focused and continuous sales and marketing effort - also beyond the initial publishing of a book.





"We are told by many writers that they feel neglected marketingwise by their publishers. The result being fewer copies sold than what their books bear in potential. Sales in large numbers require a marketing effort from the publisher's side over an extended time period," says Linda Victoria Skovsende, co-founder and CEO of Victoria Publishing.


Linda Victoria has a history as author and co-founder of an executive search firm with offices in five European countries. It is her experience from the book industry as well as her years of entrepreneurship that has led to the establishing of the ambitious publishing house.


 "Establishing a publishing house in the midst of a pandemic has not made us lower our ambitions when it comes to Victoria Publishing. On the contrary we feel certain that the need to read a great book has only increased during the crisis: people who earlier found themselves too preoccupied and busy to read have rediscovered the book. Hence the interest in new titles is significant," states the CEO of Victoria Publishing.




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